A Translator’s Marketing Materials Part II: What to do with them!


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By now, you have decided, designed and produced your material. The next step is to consider what to do with them and how these can serve your freelance business.

Client Loyalty Club

We all have been on holidays and we all have stayed in hotels. Large hospitality chains with many hotels found around the world tend to have a guest loyalty scheme in place for their  repeater guests. Although you do not have many different offices in varied countries, yet, such a scheme could be applied to your freelance translation home office. Identify those clients that have been collaborating with you for a long time and have repeatedly showed trust to your services by sending you one interesting project after the other. As a form of after sales services, such clients should be rewarded even with a small token of appreciation.

Client Loyalty Levels

You could design your client loyalty club and divide your scheme in levels, in other words reward your clients with different marketing presents according to, for instance, the number of projects that they have sent you or the number of words their projects contained. Hotels tend to have bronze, silver and gold awards. Each marketing present could be appointed to a different level. So, if you have postcards, pens and bags, for photo 2example, your postcard could be appointed to your bronze level, your pens to the silver and your bags to your gold level. Personally, I have categorized the materials in levels according to their functionality and design, as opposed to their cost. Of course, this is preferential; it is up to you to choose which marketing material should be set to which level. As every rule has an exception, you may identify exceptional clients that in your opinion should receive all your materials, regardless the scheme levels.

Client Loyalty

Imagine you quite unexpectedly received a present by a company you bought services from, or a shop that you bought all your pieces of furniture from. Would that not make you feel special and appreciated? It would certainly make me feel so, if it happened to me. Remember that when clients send you projects all the time they actually do make you feel valued, don’t they? It is time now to return this same feeling to them and show them your appreciation and your skills in after sales. Although the marketing materials are not the reason they chose you from a pool of professionals, they can carry a personal message that will be received by a warm smile on their faces.

Have you ever sent marketing materials to your clients? What materials did you send them? What feedback did you receive? Do share your experiences with us!



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