6 Things to do during a famine period

YES! It does happen even to the top-notch freelance translators out there! A period of time that no work is arriving in the inboxes! Some consider it a disaster! You have two choices: the first is to sit down and cry your eyes out, consider yourself a failure, think that no other project will come knocking on your door, moan to your partner (if you have one, that is!), be a drama queen to your friends (if you still have any left!). The second one is to do something about it!

  1. Update!

Start updating all that needs updating! If you have a website that you do have not touched it since you actually set it up, now is the time to do it! Consider your website not only as an online CV but as a living organism: it requires feeding! So, start feeding it with your latest projects, re-write this so very important home page, update your fields of expertise and everything else you think it needs a fresher look!

  1. Market yourself!

If you already have a Twitter account or a Facebook fanpage, that you have not looked after for a long time, it is high time you did it! Play with your Twitter account, re-connect with your Twitter followers and friends, post an interesting article (or more!) on the fanpage, read what your fellow translators have retweeted or posted. The information you let slip your hands is there!

  1. Socialize!

Yes, I know you see all the network commodities as the new platform to keep in contact with your friends. The life of a freelance translator could have been  very so lonely if those where not in place, but nothing can actually replace a face-to-face coffee or tea session with your friends. What about cocktails? You certainly cannot have one of those, unless it is on Skype or other forms of video calling. Is it the same though? NO! Go out, meet your friends before they disappear!

  1. Play!

Such a wonderful verb this is! And there are so many ways to play: play with your pet, play with your children, play pink-pong, play tennis, play football, play basketball, play, play, play! As most translators tend to spend their time sitting and typing, they only exercise their… fingers! The rest of the body needs to exercise as well! If you are not a fan of exercise, you can still do something to actually… move! Stand up and start moving!

  1. Spend!

Oh, my wonderful freelance translator! You have spent endless hours making your leaving! If you have some pennies to spend, then why not actually do it? Spend your well-earned pennies to treat yourself, your children, your partner, your pet! I am sure it will make you as happy as them! Work will come, I promise you! Reasonably live the moment, seize the day!

  1. Travel!

If you have more than a few pennies to spend, why don’t you arrange a small trip somewhere? It does not have to be very far, even to another city close by! A change of scenery may be just the thing you need! Of course, a trip abroad would not be bad at all, just do not forget to take your smart phone, your notebook or your laptop! You never know how long this famine period is going to last!

What do you occupy yourself with when you are going through such a period? Please, do share your activities with us!

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