Languages in Hotel Management: Eleni Moysiadi

This week, Wordyrama Translations is honored to feature a mini interview on the importance of languages from one of the most inspiring Sales & Marketing Directors from the island of Crete. Eleni Moysiadi owns and runs the award winning Paradise Island Villas, perhaps one of the most picturesque and unique  boutique hotels on the north coast of Crete. The hotel is exactly what it says on the tin! Feel free to browse the hotel’s website, become a fan of the Facebook page  or follow her on Twitter.

217659_194413467268125_2915437_n Languages in Hotel Management: Eleni Moysiadi

Please give a description of your line of work.

Strategic marketing in operation & sales design, market research and customer focused services, managing reservations and guest service

What is your personal perception of the value of languages in general?

Love them, need them to communicate and understand the world. Important qualification for every modern person

What is the value of languages in your field of expertise?

Essential, can’t do without them; need of deep and thorough understanding in order to translate not only the oral part of different languages but also our guests’ behaviour and attitude.

From your professional experience, what thoughts come to mind when someone tells you she/he works as a translator?

This person is really gifted as she/he manages to deal with multi-cultural elements in her/hiswork. Speaking a language is not only knowing the grammar, vocabulary and spelling. A good translator needs to share each cultures ethics in order to understand their language.

Where you ever in need of translation services? If yes, please provide more details about the nature of the project(s).

Yes, with our communication material, like our website, brochure or any additional mainly printing material that we use at the hotel


Although the interview is a mini one, Eleni manages to passes us the message of the importance of languages in her industry in a few words. Tourism and the hospitality sector in Greece is quite large in size, as the country hosts millions of tourist and visitors every year! A great place for your next holiday!


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