Wordyrama’s 10 Best Moments in 2013

tree wishes x-mas2014As we are reaching the end of 2013, I thought I should reflect everything that happened in 2013! It was indeed a rather controversial year, with its ups and downs, with a mixture of exciting and happy moments! Here are the best 10 moments:

#10 Wordyrama designed and printed the first advertising material ever!

#9 Wordyrama’s account reached 988 followers! Thank you all so very much!

#8 Wordyrama’s fanpage on Facebook has 557 fans! You are all so great!

#7 Wordyrama’s blog reached 64 posts!

#6 Wordyrama’s series of guest posts hosted articles from 19 translators and 1 interpreter!

#5 Wordyrama translated the websites of 57 hotels in Greece!

#4 Wordyrama’s most busy month was April!

#3 Wordyrama received the most challenging and enjoyable project ever: The translation of   a Swedish medical website into Greek!

#2 Wordyrama redesigned its website www.wordyrama.com

#1 Wordyrama gained 5 new clients!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014, filled with exciting translation projects, great new clients and happy translating!


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