The Travelling Translator: 10 tips!

During the past four weeks I conducted an experiment on how travel can be combined with work. For those that have missed the previous blog-posts on the subject, you can read the posts Before Departure, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 that explain in detail all the issues raised during the experiment.

Now that it has been concluded, I have created a small collection of 10 tips that translators should keep in mind when travelling (unless they are in fact on holiday!).

Tip 1 Make it clear in your mind, you are not on holiday, it is business as usual!

Tip 2 Take your business cards or your post cards with your logo printed on them. You never know where you can meet your potential client!

Tip 3 Feed your social channels as normal!

Tip 4 Stay true to your marketing strategy. See Tip 1!

Tip 5 Plan your departure on a weekend, less stress!

Tip 6 Make sure your smart phone works and be aware of your provider’s roaming services & charges.

Tip 7 Carry your phone’s charger when you are out of your temporary office, especially if you are going sight-seeing!

Tip 8 Make sure you check your email as frequently as you would if you were in the office!

Tip 9 Have a back-up plan in case your laptop fails you! Take a notebook with you!

Tip 10 Try to postpone the delivery of scanned copies. Find a local business that can scan them for you or use one of the scan apps on your smart phone!

Tip 11 It is a great opportunity to meet clients & colleagues. Get in touch with them before departure to allow them the time to fit you in their busy schedule!

Tip 12 Use your phone to take high definition pictures. They can be used for your blog, your social network channels or your website!

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Wordyrama in Copenhagen

It was a great experiment and now as I can express my opinion based on the facts of this experience: work and travel can be successfully combined! In fact, those translators that have the financial luxury to travel around, the world is their office. It gave me such a feeling of freedom knowing that I can still provide excellent translations to all my valued clients even if I am not within the comfort zone of my home office. I would strongly recommend to any translator to experiment on the topic and perhaps more tips can be shared among us!

I should not forget to thank all my friends that by providing shelter to me, made this experiment come true! Friends are treasure!

Have you ever combined your work with travelling? Did you have to face any other challenges apart from those described in this series of blog posts? Please, do share it with us!

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