The Travelling Translator: Week 1

In this second part of the series of posts about combining work and travel, we are going to talk about how the first week on the road went in terms of working. Of course, there are certain arrangements a travelling translator needs to do before the commence of the travel. Some of these are described in the first part of these series The Travelling Translator: Before DepartureIMG_1656

My friend was kind enough to provide shelter to me for a week, so I am staying at her house. I suspect, if I stayed in hotel accommodation, maybe there were other issues that a translator should face, however, since this is not the case, I will not touch this subject in this post.

Internet access

Internet access is vital even for translators that work in their office. It is quite important to have all the online tools and databases that you use in your regular office space. Travelling around should not have an effect on your quality of your work. Apart from being able to use all your online tools, Internet is important for email access and banking.

Submitting translation projects

Although it is not always possible, it is wise to try to arrange the deadline of the first project one or two days after you have arrived at your destination. This will give you time to get settled in your temporary accommodation and you will also have time to revise your work once more before submitting. The more time allowed the less the stress you will have.

Accepting translation projects

We need to keep in mind that we are not actually on holiday, so our eight hours (or more!) are scheduled as normal. I accepted and completed three projects during this week, small ones, so I did not face any particular problems or issues, however, I did try to negotiate the deadline with my clients, allowing me to have enough time in case a challenge arose.


Like I said before, you need to realize that it is only geography that is changed and business is as usual. In this, your following your marketing strategy is included. If you are writing a blog, then, this, too, should not be neglected. Try to follow your plan as you would do in your office back home.


If you have clients or know peers in the city you are visiting, try to arrange to meet them. Such meetings may not give you the opportunity to get new clients, however, they will allow you to actually come see the face of people you frequently chat and exchange emails with, people you have never really met before in person. Interesting martadisruptions, sharing ideas and different points of view and fun times!

Miscellaneous tips

In case you do not have any projects landing on your inbox, you could walk around and do some sight-seeing, always carrying your smart phone and checking your email for potential email messages from your clients. I use mine to check my email every fifteen minutes, however, this has an effect on my phone’s battery life, so I always carry my charger as I do not want the battery to die.

I also managed to have the weekend free of work and traveled to another city where I lived for many years, walked down Memory Lane and visited friends. Again, my next translation deadline was on a Tuesday, so no stress there as far as work as concerned!

Week 1: Success!

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