So, graduation! A Translator? And then what? Anna’s story!

Being a student at the faculty of foreign languages, I used every opportunity to practice my English and French, so by the day of my graduation I’ve already had experience as translator of different technical texts and interpreter at the Festival of Street Theaters which is held in my town every summer. Unfortunately, all of these jobs were not well paid or, more than that, needed volunteers without being paid at all! As a student I could manage with that because work experience was more important for me and my CV, but in the beginning of my adult life and career the question of salary certainly predominated.

My first job wasn’t an ultimate dream. The fact is, that translators or interpreters are not in demand due to low volumes of work. The most suitable position you can get is a double-job of a secretary / personal assistant and a translator. So I became assistant in audit and consulting company, but I didn’t stop looking for a job I dreamt about . The company had Norwegian partners, and from time to time I translated different documentation, but I wasn’t satisfied. The only advantage I got from this work experience was a possibility to learn much about audit process, including different professional terms which became very useful for me some time later.

I’ve worked in audit company for eight months; one day I was looking through job ads and saw an open position of translator/interpreter who is ready to work offshore on a pipelaying barge! Frankly speaking, I didn’t think too much what that really meant, I only felt that this was definitely the job I was looking for. Thus, three years ago my dream came true and I started my translation career. During this period there was no a single day when I was bored or dissatisfied. Every day I have new challenges which make me more professional. And yes, four-five months a year I work offshore without seeing my family and friends and even without going onshore. For some people that can sound awful but you must admit that all jobs are different: somebody works in the office, somebody – at sea, why not! And this “offshore period” of my work is a real experience and adventure for me. From a huge pipelaying barge we lay gas pipeline on the sea bottom with the help of a large fleet which includes tugboats, pipe carriers and such specialized vessels as dredgers, trenchers, etc. The pipelaying process is implemented with the help of many people of different nations and occupations: marine crew, engineers, supervisors, technicians and, of course, translators and interpreters.

This work is my life, because I learn not only how to be a professional translator, but also how to remain a Person in different situations.

About Anna Miropolskaya:

I work as a technical translator and interpreter in pipeiline construction branch. Therefore, I spend half of a year offshore on a pipelaying barge. This job gives me huge opportunity to communicate with different nations, improve my language, communication and translation skills and describe all this in my blog.

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