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Having worked for two blue chip multilingual companies (IBM and ExxonMobil) in the UK and spending 10 wonderful years in total outside the geographical boundaries of Greece, tasting the life of each country, smelling the essence of everyday life, in 2007, I set up my private freelance business in Crete (Greece) and relocated to Leeds, UK in 2016. Since then, I have been exposed to different terminologies and various language fields.

Localisation/IT/Software/Hardware & Electronics/Telecommunications

66 websites translated, 18 apps and software localized, manuals for desktop/laptop/tablet PCs, GPS voice instructions, apps software localisation, website localisation, software for long-distance learning, printer, copier, modem and scanner manuals, hardware, Internet products and services, marketing guides, user manuals for: stereo systems, GPS devices, CD/mp3/radio players, DVD player/recorders, PC mice, flash discs, digital cameras, TVs, phone/mobile phone manuals etc.

Technical & Safety/Environment/IndustrialĀ 

Light construction equipment (plates, rollers, rammers, dumpers, mixers, pokers, trowels, screeds, saws, blades), breakers, wheelbarrows, cutters, microwave ovens, garment racks, kitchen tools and small electronic devices, household appliances, garden tools, heaters, air-conditioners, office equipment & supplies, oil & gas, facility engineering, civil engineering, Safety precautions, instructions for remote controls, control units, parking detectors, application instructions for electronic valves.


Insurance booklets, clinical trials, ophthalmology reports and descriptions of medical conditions, assessment reports for medicinal products, application instructions for catheters, patient questionnaires, patient monitoring devices, instructions for medical equipment, patient satisfaction guides, scientific evaluations, package leaflets, medical reports, council regulations about medicines, medicinal products brochures, interpreting in neurosurgical conferences, insurance packages.

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