Interpreting Services

interpretingBased in Leeds, we can cover your language needs in English and Greek throughout the duration of your meeting or conference in West Yorkshire and elsewhere. Our interpreters are academically trained with many years experience in the field, have lived in English-speaking countries for 10 years and have already successfully completed numerous interpretation projects. Among others, they have offered their services in scientific, political, medical conferences and meetings, as wells as covering the language needs while escorting groups and staff overseas or within Greece. They are members of the International Association of Translators and Interpreters and Translators of the American Union.

The types of interpretation services offered are:

Διερμηνεία Συνεδρίων Conference Interpreting

Διερμηνέας Ηράκλειο ΚρήτηςSimultaneous Interpreting: is carried out simultaneously during the speech of delegates. The main purpose is to transfer the speaker’s meaning/message in another language simultaneously, without gaps in the meaning and his/her speech. A booth, microphones and audio equipment for audience is core equipment for the success of this kind of interpretation.

Whispering Interpreting: Just like in simultaneous interpreting, the transfer of the message to a small team or group of people is the mail goal. The difference from simultaneous interpreting is that the above described equipment is not needed.

Escort business teams or staff abroad or in Greece

Interpreters accompany teams outside Greek borders or English-speaking small groups of people in Greece while supporting their language needs. Interpreters are discreetly by the side of the group or the individual throughout the duration of business meetings, conferences, social events or conferences and assist with the linguistic communication between them and their counterparts and the foreign environment in which they are located.

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