A Translator on Twitter & Facebook

Following the steps of most freelance translators, I created a fan page on Facebook and a profile on Twitter in order to get in touch with fellow freelancing translators and get up to date with all the latest information on the fields that I take an interest in.

During these years my fan page has attracted 373 fans and my profile is followed by 558 wonderful followers! I am quite satisfied with the fact that all these online-friends are wonderful people and excellent translators! Thank you all so very much for all your support and pieces of information you have shared with me during all these years!

One day, one of my Twitter mates sent me a tweet, commenting on an article and I had neglected to reply.  He got quite annoyed because I did not reply. Then, he started sending me numerous tweets, asking me to read articles written about people that do not reply on messages. I understand the annoyance my neglect caused him. However, the fact that I did not reply does not mean that I was simply ignoring him. Sometimes I am so very busy that I cannot reply to all the comments and tweets on time.

To all my wonderful Twitter and Facebook friends: Please do not take offence if I do not reply to your RT, comment, message on the online networks. Working as freelance translators and trying to manage all the other things in our life, sometimes all this is on top of me and I cannot always full-fill the tasks of the day that I have set to do. PLEASE PLEASE do not get offended.

Thank you for reading!

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